VIP Services

Transfer Service

We extend a warm welcome to our patients, whether they arrive from within the country or overseas, by offering secure transportation through our dedicated fleet of private chauffeured vehicles. Ensuring their safe arrival is our utmost priority.
Accommodation Offering: Experience a dependable, convenient, and luxurious stay in our affiliated 4 and 5-star hotels. Your comfort is our commitment.

Travel Organisation 

We meticulously organize your travel itinerary, collaborating closely with you to make all necessary arrangements well in advance of your journey. Your satisfaction is our foremost priority throughout this process.

Booking assistance

We provide a tailored ticketing service, meticulously planning the most precise arrival and departure dates to ensure your travel experience is seamless and perfectly aligned with your schedule.

Personal Support 

Throughout your treatment, our dedicated interpreters are available at your request, ensuring your comfort by providing assistance as needed.

Tourist Trips 

As part of your treatment experience, enjoyable excursions are arranged for you to explore the charming and historical sites within your city.

We offer guidance to our international visitors arriving from abroad, assisting with airport transfers, hotel accommodations, and navigating their travels in Turkey. Our team of translators, fluent in English, Swedish, German, Italian, is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for our guests.
Mansuroğlu, Ankara Cd.
No:81 35030, 35100 Bayraklı/İzmir